All the benefits of the marketplace – Wippet Club.

Access to over 50 years of care procurement expertise.

Robust spend and benchmarking data.

Plus, drive compliance to your selected suppliers to fully realise savings.

And much, much more…

  • Access to Wippet’s expert procurement professionals to provide additional resource to your team
  • Cost effective access to technology to run all aspects of sourcing projects
  • Access to experts to unlock savings in difficult supply markets such as food, complex projects, and even in everyday categories where price volatility may be a concern
  • Enables progress to Wippet Fuse one category at a time and at your pace
  • Flexible and transparent fee arrangements to suit your needs
  • All the Features & Benefits of Wippet Club
  • Instant access to Wippet suppliers to receive proposals from known and trusted providers
  • Full market exercise to identify suppliers that meet your needs
  • Access to procurement experts via Wippet’s network of associates.
  • Access and assistance with Wippet sourcing tools
  • Your specially negotiated prices held confidentially and accessed exclusively by your people for all future purposes
  • Project Bidding Tool for refurbishments and new builds
  • Hi-quality spend management information on all purchases via Wippet platform
  • Speed to savings. Receive price proposals from Wippet suppliers which may avoid full procurement process
  • Wippet will provide recommendations without bias or commercial interest
  • Supplement existing teams with experts and additional resource to allow you to cover more ground more quickly
  • Wippet Sourcing tools save time and deliver better results than traditional methods
  • Deploy Wippet into your sites in a very manageable and controlled release to ensure buy-in from your operation
  • Project Bidding allows you to source and track all deliveries required for a refurb in one place whilst maintaining competition in your supply market

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