Switching supplier doesn’t need to be a headache. That is why we have created the Wippet Switch & Save promise. Our commitment to making your switch of supplier to Wippet as easy as possible.

People are switching to Wippet every day and doing so safe in the knowledge that they are joining a community that will help to save them time and money.

What can I expect when I join Wippet?

We endeavour to save you money

Our suppliers are known and trusted

Club members receive exclusive pre-negotiated prices

Fast and simple repeat ordering

Access to a team of procurement experts to help you save money time and time again.

No bots. Ongoing support from real people who are just a call or email away

So switch today and join our growing community.

How long does it take to Switch?

Our simple 5 step process is transparent and won’t be a burden on your time (roughly 35 mins in total). We share the responsibility to ensure that the process is quick and easy.


Customer Register for Wippet Club

(1 minute)


Wippet & Customer Wippet team member will contact you to understand your requirements

(10 mins)


Wippet & Customer Wippet will present the basket of products for your approval

(10 mins)


Wippet & Customer Complete registration and account details

(10 mins)


Customer Complete checkout process and save to favourites for weekly orders

(3 mins)

Between steps 2 and 3 we will conduct a thorough analysis of your basket before presenting our findings to you. This may take up to 5 days depending on number of items.